A business stay in Glasgow – Comfort vs Price

Comfort vs Price

These days costs for accommodation can be very competitive, with so many accommodation types to chose from are you really getting the best deal for your money and your business circumstances?

Are you getting the best for your money?

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or apartment where common commodities and appliances where not well maintained? I have. The worst has got to be issues with the air conditioning, heating, or ventilation system. Sure, you can avoid it during the day by leaving to do things, but you’re going to come back at night and sleep there, or try to anyways. Ever try to sleep in a room that is too warm? Too stuffy? I have. You’re not getting a lot of rest, if any, in a place like that, let me tell you. Here at Glasgow Green Apartments, I don’t want anyone to have to deal with something like this, ever. I hire an air conditioning service that I trust and has worked great for me so far, and they routinely check these systems for the entire building. Not a single room, vent, or fan goes unchecked. It’s worth every penny. If you’re going to rent apartments, you have to make your guests stay comfortable. And if your going to be staying at a room or apartment, it’s the least you can expect and hope for. The difference is that is you’re staying with us, you can expect the extra mile. Since we know it can be a business stay, and that even if it isn’t, you want to be able to rest and enjoy some peace and quite with us, we have acoustic panelling products in our rooms. Your noise will not affect the neighbors, and likewise, theirs won’t bother you.

Being comfortable and living from a home doesn’t have to be expensive, and you shouldn’t have to pick one over the other. It has to be a place where you feel comfortable in, you can get plants for your apartment so they can generate more oxygen and clean the air you breathe. You can get some indoor grow tents for growing weed or any plant or flower you wish to have inside. Here at Glasgow Green Apartments, we offer that comfortable, modern home from home living at a competitive great rate that we haven’t changed in over 5 years. As for the less-brisk officious & relaxed home life, one could indulge in other pleasantries & sports such as horse-riding, golf, or even engage in fishing by getting hold of a good baitcaster reel & setting off.

No price increase 5 years running

We offer large properties with amenities that you would expect from living in your home. All the properties have large gardens, and the Lawn Care service is included.  As a matter of fact, the garden is large enough that we had to get custom plastic tubing and use it to be able to water the whole place. Your going to love it. It’s very therapeutic, if you take the time to go and spend some time taking in the view and the atmosphere.

    • Free unlimited WiFi
    • Free parking
    • Flat screen TV and we also have the services from AAA Satellite TV for your disposal and DVD player
    • Fully fitted kitchen 
    • Washing machine
    • fully fitted bathroom 
    • bedding linen and towels
    • Hair dryer
    • Secure entry to the building

Pet-friendly apartments are extremely common today and here you can find pet friendly townhomes with more space of a regular apartment and the perfect space for your pets. Pet ownership rates in the United States show no signs of slowing down, which means property managers and landlords are now, more than ever, willing to accept tenants with pets. According to research, cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco more than half of the available units allow pets.

What more could you need? Everything to make your stay great and comfortable is here. The bathroom just undertook some bathroom renovations, we tried to make it more luxurious. We had been considering a bathroom renovation for quite some time, but we just were not able to pick a favorite design. Let us know if you like the end result! These renovations made the bathrooms as good as some really high-end hotels. Enjoy!

Not only that, but right outside and on arrival we have a Welcome Pack waiting for you – this is a free hamper to get you started, milk, butter, bread, and a feast of Scottish treats awaits.

As well as all this we also offer a service of our apartment as and when you need it, you’ll receive new linen, towels, and a freshen up of the full apartment – not bad this working away from home thing! Often times, one might be a bit picky about their home away stay ins, because either the room service would not be up and about or the toilets would be unclean. However, we here follow this guide to better toilet cleaning and ensure that from bedrooms to the washrooms, everything is fresh and smells like spring. We are not even exaggerating.

We take safety very serious here at Glasgow Green Apartments as well. Many people stay with us, and we have plenty of people on staff. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything other than ensuring your safety. To this effect, we have a smoke detector installation that is regularly serviced, through an inspection and any required maintenance. It will not fail if it is needed, and this way everyone can rest easy. This is only one of a multitude of safety measures of course.

If you have a project for yourself or team in Glasgow or Edinburgh in the coming months or into 2018 check out our rates, or contact us directly for more information – remember we are flexible to your business circumstances, all you have to do is ask.

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