1 Bedroom

Spring4 Nights Minimum£560 weekly/£95 nightly
Summer4 Nights Minimum£630 weekly/£110 nightly
High Summer4 Nights Minimum£630 weekly/£110 nightly
Autumn4 Nights Minimum£595 weekly/£95 nightly
Winter4 Nights Minimum£560 weekly/£95 nightly
Christmas4 Nights Minimum£630 weekly/£110 nightly

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2 Bedroom

Spring4 Nights Minimum£595 weekly/£110 nightly
Summer4 Nights Minimum£665 weekly/£120 nightly
High Summer4 Nights Minimum£735 weekly/£130 nightly
Autumn4 Nights Minimum£595 weekly/£110 nightly
Winter4 Nights Minimum£560 weekly/£100 nightly
Christmas4 Nights Minimum£665 weekly/£125 nightly

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2 Bedroom Deluxe

Spring4 Nights Minimum£665 weekly/£120 nightly
Summer4 Nights Minimum£770 weekly/£130 nightly
High Summer4 Nights Minimum£800 weekly/£135 nightly
Autumn4 Nights Minimum£665 weekly/£125 nightly
Winter4 Nights Minimum£630 weekly/£110 nightly
Christmas4 Nights Minimum£770 weekly/£135 nightly

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3 Bedroom

Spring4 Nights Minimum£1050 weekly/£180 nightly
Summer4 Nights Minimum£1155 weekly/£190 nightly
High Summer4 Nights Minimum£1260 weekly/£210 nightly
Autumn4 Nights Minimum£1155 weekly/£190 nightly
Winter4 Nights Minimum£1050 weekly/£180 nightly
Christmas4 Nights Minimum£1260 weekly/£210 nightly

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  • This is a guide only.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • 2 bed deluxe apartments – Haughview and St Andrews.