Need Accommodation for a Business Stay in Glasgow?

Location & Choice

Glasgow has so many hotels within the city, have options to short term rent Sydney or anywhere in the city, but what if work isn’t in the city? What if you need parking? What if you need a long term booking? A hotel might not be what you need.

Why Self Catering?

Self Catering can give you choice – this can be across various different areas of your stay from booking, payment, amenities, but we think the most important choice you have is location. With multiple luxury apartments and houses available throughout various locations within Glasgow, self-catering is an option that shouldn’t be overlooked – more often than not you’ll find a property for you and your employees exactly where your project or job is located. Another special thing about our apartments is that we always give them maintenance with gutter cleaning.

Why Glasgow Green Apartments?

Here at Glasgow Green Apartments we boast a portfolio of 12 properties that are located in and around the city – Glasgow Green Apartment map

“We offer a wide range of apartments that can sleep anything from 1-6 people and fit nearly all business needs when working within Glasgow” – Alan Macdonald

This means we offer an unbelievable choice of locations within Glasgow. For the past 4 years, we have managed to accommodate a number of local, regional and global businesses, meeting their needs when it comes to location – 3D Build Serve, Hull Flooring, MV Supply and Group Tegular to name but a few. We have come to find a way to excel in this line of business, providing everything our clients could require. An air conditioning contractor that works with us regularly comes to provide scheduled maintenance to the air conditioner, if you have noticed that your air conditioner doesn’t run properly, then consider getting a tune up like one from First American. That way you can be sure you will be able to regulate the temperature where you will be staying, which is of course expected and an absolute necessity in this day and age. In addition, we regularly service and provide maintenance to all appliances to ensure that everything is in working order and no issues occur during your visit. 

If you are interested in any of our luxury apartments for a current or upcoming project/business stay please contact us today.

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