2016 PAT testing done

Portable Appliance Tests (PAT) testing completed in all apartments. Thanks to Gordon Guthrie Electrical Services for carrying out the tests so efficiently. Would highly recommend Gordon for all electrical work. Here at Glasgow Green Apartments we like to go the extra mile, and as such we went ahead and got a lighted power strip for each room. The light isn’t so bright it bothers when sleeping, rather it makes the strip much easier to locate in the dark. It works great to connect your phone charger to, so you can find those things at night or just after getting up. We ran the tests after adding these to the room, and they all passed, so they’re quality for sure. If you are not staying with Glasgow Green Apartments then make sure where you are staying is complying with regulations and looking after your safety. Look out for the test label.

Here at Glasgow Green Apartments we are always working to improve the facilities. That way everything runs better, and people just want to live here after taking a look. It benefits everyone. We are currently working on making a pass of our apartments checking the basement waterproofing. It’s good to catch any small signs you should improve this, otherwise you could end up with quite the disaster, and a preventable one at that. Look forward to a few pics of that in a future post.

PAT testing
Pass test label
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