Gas safety certificate

There are lots of choices out there for your holiday rental, but before you make that final decision you might just want to check that the host has one of these. Your life might depend on it. You see, a gas safety certificate, also referred to as the landlord’s gas safety record, is required by law to be held for all rental accommodation where there are gas appliances present. Some apartments hire propane delivery services, which have an excellent record in propane sales, and others are connected to the city’s gas supply. Both can be perfectly safe, but things like the propane tank installation should also be regularly inspected to make sure everything is up to safety standards. In short, if a rental property has no gas safety certificate then it has not been inspected for safety recently. Things might be perfectly safe, but now no one can say for sure. If you can see it and it’s up to date, then everything is fine! Just don’t let it worry you too much; there are hefty fines associated with this, so most places make sure they do these things by the book.

Gas Safety Cert
Gas Safety Cert April 2018
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