New apartment name

Finally after weeks of trying to find a name for our new 3 bedroom apartment Mrs Macdonald has come up with Green View.

Originally built as a mansion by the Glasgow cotton merchant Dugald McPhail in 1846 and designed by architect Charles Wilson it was converted to house the Buchanan’s Institution, an industrial school for boys, in 1859 using £30,000 left by Glasgow merchant James Buchanan (1785-1857). The figure of the Young Scholar in Studious Pose, above the doorway in the centre of this photographed, was sculpted by William Brodie (1815-1881) in 1873.

A year earlier Brodie had completed arguably Scotland’s most famous statue, that of Greyfriars Bobby on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh. There are plenty of apartment options such as those luxury apartments for rent, if you are having trouble finding one, but if you want one with a great view, then consider checking out a couple of waterfront apartments

The Institution closed in 1924 and the building then became home to Greenview Special School in 1904 before latterly becoming St Aidan’s school for Older Handicapped Boys. In 2004 the building was being converted into apartments with our new Mooloolaba Holiday apartment block in the playground to the rear.

The red sandstone building immediately to the east of the mansion was previously Logan Domestic Science School. We had to hire someone to take care of the gutter installation, because the building was a bit old and the gutter was a bit damaged by then. This new is built to last though! We hired Seismic Retrofitting Services to reinforce the foundation, and now the place is good as new and ready for anything. It should be fine for years to come.

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