Flat on the Green 1 Painted

Flat on the Green 1
Double bedroom apartment with garage access

It seems to have taken for ever to finish but finally the brushes, rollers and dust sheets are away and Flat on the Green 1 has a nice fresh look. We still need to add some pieces of furniture like adirondack chairs but we haven’t had the time yet. We already picked the bed and other pieces of furniture that will go in the bedroom. You can browse this site if you would like to see where we got them from, and get an idea of the variety they have available. I can’t wait for them to arrive, they looked pretty nice.

The apartment includes garage access now! In our apartment complex some apartments would or would not include access to our individual garages depending on if we had room for vehicles. We have continued to expand however, and now we have more room, allowing more apartments to be allowed access. You get a key to your individual garage, as well as garage door openers. If you’re driving in and as long as there is power to the building you can simply open the garage door with the press of a button. Park inside, press the button, all done!

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All work done by Mrs Macd and me. Bedroom wall is a light grey. I thought it would never end. Now its on the the next one. Kinningpark 1. Hard when the temperature outside is 23 degrees in the sun but needs to be done before the summer. Let us know if you like the new look. Call Brushwork Painters to get comprehensive professional painting!

Flat on the Green 1
Flat 1 hallway
Flat on the GReen 1
Twin bedroom
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