Spring has sprung

Glasgow Green
Spring on Glasgow Green

There may still be snow on the ground in some parts but Spring has definitely arrived. The clocks go forward this weekend and the crocuses are up on the Green. Spring also means spring cleaning, and we have just completed a deep clean in every apartment with the help of the janitorial cleaning services we normally hire around this time of year every year. This time we gave Electrostatic Cleaning a try, and it was quite effective. They knew their way around the equipment. They were highly professional and just what we needed to make sure we’re able to leave everything as good as new. We do the same for the car park, for which we hire car park cleaning services to leave everything clear of any obstructions, clean and ready to go.

As such, it’s time to open up a window and let the sun in! We installed high quality blinds in all our apartments, and all the main windows. With window treatments which are easily replaced, you may even save money by being able to reuse the coverings which you already have on your windows navigate here. Because the fabric isn’t likely to be completely destroyed, you do not need to buy new ones for every and each time you wish to change out your coverings. However, you should be aware that there are times when it is sensible to buy new ones. They not only look great because we were able to match the color theme of the apartments, but also you are able to decide how much sunlight you let in. It’s the great thing about blinds, they’re highly versatile with absolutely nothing complex to how they work.

As we normally do here at glasgowgreenapartments, now that spring has come we have hired the usual tree trimming service to come and keep all our trees and bushes looking great. Green is part of the name of our apartments, and as such we take our residential tree care very seriously! We take the time to re-fertilize as well. We use a natural fertilizer for commercial use that has worked very well for us over the years. It was a long time ago that we tested a few different ones and this is the one that so hasn’t disappointed us. We take pride in our garden, so we don’t take tree care for granted. It’s part of what makes staying with us a relaxing and memorable experience. When you stay with us, we want you to see the outside and want to go out there for a while, not stay bunkered in, as comfortable as it is. Check out our tennis court installation, go take a swim in our pool, or just find a nice shade under a tree and read for a bit. You’d be surprised what good going out for a bit does to you.

It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes we get trees that get sick and die. It’s interesting to think about, but it actually does happen, even if you try to take care of them meticulously. When that happens we hire tree removal services to make room for new ones. With our John Deere Planting Equipment we plant new tress all the time, all around! As the years go by it’s nice to see trees of all ages growing and thriving around the apartment complex. It’s a large part of this place’s personality. As soon as the gate, which we recently added high quality commercial gate automation to, you witness a beautiful landscape. Our partners over at this site help us with the landscaping every change of season. It makes for an overall nice, safe, and private place to stay which is always our goal. Nothing beats being able to go outside and read in natural light under a tree you know.

From the top of kitchen cupboards to the bestsellers of himalayan salt lamp and back of the oven. From the back of every drawer to the inside of kitchen cupboards. Thank heavens for lemon cleaner and elbow grease. During January and February we also installed a new kitchen and bathroom at Flat on the Green 3 and extended the kitchen and put down a new bathroom floor at Flat on the Green 5. We hope you like it. Now its on with the painting, whether full redecoration or just freshening up in Our site you can find all the painting tips you need  to know.

New bathroom at FotG3
New bathroom at Flat on the Green 3
New Kitchen at Flat on the Green 3
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